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Lost Girl 3x10

Jake from Degrassi?

Ex-Marissa from All My Children?

Are in this one very episode?

Could Lost Girl gets any more interesting? (of course it can. right?)

But this very episode is breaking my heart really bad. Other than the fact that my Doccubus is taking a break between them, Tamsin is also breaking my heart. I hate that Wanderer. He is making Tamsin taking Bo away from everyone. My guess about her motive of telling Lauren about the kiss: She wants to break them up so that when she has to deliver Bo to the Wanderer, Lauren would feel less miserable. But one thing Tamsin doesn’t knows is that Lauren loves Bo way too much that no matter if they’re together or not, Lauren wouldn’t stop caring for Bo and vice versa. So that move would just make everyone having doubt on loving you, Tamsin. (myself included :( I wasn’t expecting to love you one minute, then get hurt the next)

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